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The Untangled Tales 

First edition: 100 copies

Photography: Michelle Piergoelam

Design: -SYB- Sybren Kuiper 

Printing sheets: Peterprint 

Printing cover and binding: Jubels 

Text:  Wijnand Stomp & Jane Stjeward-Schubert

Text translation: Ellen Verhoog, David Verhoog, Sanne Verhoog

Size: 30,5 x 22,5 cm 

Language: English

Year: 2020

*Shortlisted for Kassel Dummy Award 2020

Songs In A Strange Land 

The Untangled Tales Chapter Two

First edition: 600 copies

Photography: Michelle Piergoelam

Design: Sybren Kuiper

Text: Alex van Stipriaan Luiscius

Text translation: Ellen Verhoog & Sanne Verhoog

Project description text: Yentl van Toledo

Project description translation: Floris Visser

Production: FINE Books

Language: English

Binding: Singerstitch sewn

Size: 21 x 28,8 cm (with large fold outs)

Year: 2023

ISBN: 9789462265127

Publisher: Lecturis

* Finalist EI Photobook Award 2023

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